Spanish Chorizo

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The Leon region of North West Spain is popular for producing a few of the world’s most valued treated meats. The cold, dry climate is best for drying hams, chorizos and the regional speciality ‘Cecina’, a cured, smoked and salted beef item. Award winning Spanish chorizo ‘Rodriguez’ is the best tasted anywhere – balanced flavour, smooth texture and definitely prime quality meat. Pick your chorizo depending upon whether it is for cooking, hand slicing or device slicing. Why not likewise sample other specialities from the variety, such as ‘lomo’ (cured pork loin) or ‘salchichon’ (spanish salami).

What Is Chorizo?
A coarsely textured spiced pork sausage widely utilized in Mexican and spanish cooking. It is made from coarsely sliced pork and red pepper and experienced with chilli and paprika, click here . Mexican chorizo is made with fresh pork while Spanish chorizo utilizes smoked pork. Chorizo can be bought as a whole sausage of either soft cooking chorizo, which must be cooked before eating, or a firmer, drier treated sausage which can be sliced and consumed without cooking. It is likewise offered very finely sliced, like salami, to be enjoyed raw as tapas. Spanish chorizo gets its trademark smoky flavour and rich red colour from Pimenton, which is smoked Spanish paprika, and is generally very spicy. Raw chorizo is softer to the touch and, when cooked, releases a scrumptious spicy red oil. Frequently dishes utilizing chorizo do not call for extra oil to be included to the pan given that it supplies its own. Spain produces numerous other pork specialties, also, such as lomo embuchado or salchichón, cured and air-dried in a comparable method. Lomo is a lean, cured meat to slice, made from the loin of the pig, which is marinated then air-dried. Salchichón is another treated sausage without the pimentón seasoning of chorizo, but flavoured with black peppercorns, instead.

Spanish Chorizo Uses Pimenton De La Vera
It can be found in sweet or hot ranges, and normally a combination of both is used when making Spanish chorizo. (More spicy paprika is utilized in the spicy chorizo, of course.). Here in Spain, one can also discover Pimentón de Murcia, which is more like the paprika that used to redeem house. The red peppers used for pimentón de Murcía are air dried in the sun or large dehydrators prior to being ground into paprika. While you can make chorizo with this kind of paprika, it won’t have the particular smoky taste of most Spanish chorizos, read also this link.

Dry Treating Spanish Chorizo In The Home
The distinction in between a fresh chorizo and a dry treated  chorizo is, well, the dry treating process. While that sounds apparent to the majority of, not everybody understands what that actually indicates. It might sound like some long, complicated procedure, but it’s really as simple as hanging the chorizo to dry for several weeks till it hardens up into an easily sliceable sausage. The idea of letting meat hang out at room temperature level for weeks prior to you actually go consume it can sound crazy, however by utilizing a mixture of spices and salts, we are able to securely treat meats just as they have actually been providing for years and years.

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