Sleep Number Mattress Reviews

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Sleep Number is the name of airbeds made and sold by Select Comfort. All Select Comfort air beds bear the brand name Sleep Number. The name originates from the number of the firmness setting on the Select Comfort airbed remote control, made popular by the question in advertisements, “Exactly what is your Sleep Number?”
All Sleep Number mattresses use adjustable firmness varieties, and these varieties differ by model. Please note that a lot of Sleep Number designs share the same assistance core building, which features two air chambers that can be adjusted utilizing the Firmness Control function. The only exception is the it bed, which includes 6 specific air chambers.

Bed Mattress Types and Components
Sleep Number offers airbed bed mattress. With the exception of the it bed all Sleep Number designs include two air chambers in the assistance core, and a signature ‘Firmness Control’ system that enables owners to adjust the air pressure of the mattress; an electric outlet is needed to run this system. The company’s 8 offered mattress models are divided into three various product series that differ by price-point, density, and composition:

The Classic series currently includes two designs: the c2 and the c4. The c2 is designed with no comfort layer, while the c4 is constructed with a polyfoam convenience layer. Sleep Number Classic bed mattress also feature covers woven from rayon and polypropylene (c2) or polyester and polypropylene (c4).

The Performance series currently consists of two models: the p5 and the p6. These mattresses feature polyfoam convenience layers. The p5 cover is woven from a mix of rayon and polypropylene, and the p6 cover is woven from a mix of polyester and rayon (

The Innovation series consists of 4 designs: the i7, i8, i10, and iLE. The i8 and iLE designs are constructed with polyfoam comfort layers; the i7 features a memory foam convenience layer; and the i10 is designed for turning with a reversible top comfort layer of memory foam and a 2nd convenience layer of polyfoam. All 4 designs include covers woven from a mix of polyester and polypropylene. The i7 and i10 designs are alternatively consisted of in Sleep Number’s Smart Bed collection due to the SleepIQ, an optional sleep display built into the bed mattress that is created to track the sleeper’s breathing, heart rate, and movements throughout the night. The it bed includes a polyfoam comfort layer and a support core with 6 specific, adjustable foam air chambers. The cover is made from a mix of polyester and elastane.

Products sizes
Sleep Number bed mattress are readily available in eight sizes: Twin, Twin Long or XL (very same measurements), Double or full (very same measurements), Queen, King, and California King. Sleep Number bed mattress range in cost based on the chosen model.

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