Hover Ball

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Hover Ball boasts it’s the only soccer ball that floats like “magic” that claims and has a flat base to utilize “extremely slider technology” to keep it moving inside your home on wood, carpet, or tile. In fact, this isn’t Back To The Future, so we understand it’s not actually drifting in the air. The Company that brings you The Hover Ball is Wham-O, a popular Toy business based from California that declares to have been speciailizing in this industry for over 50 years.

Hover Ball is the best solution! With Hover Ball you and your kids can play football safely indoors so you get all the fun however your prized possessions avoid of threat. Hover Ball is designed as a half-sphere football disc with a soft foam edge and a super-smooth underside that slides quickly on nearly any indoor surface area. But, due to the fact that of its shape, it won’t bounce or leave the floor, it stays at ground level, rebounding harmlessly off skirting walls and boards, for hours of safe indoor enjoyable.

Best of all, there are no batteries to diminish and replace or overnight charging, so the fun can last as long as you like! Check your skills, speed and balance and get hours of shooting practice in any room in your house, from the corridor to the landing, now your cooking area can have a pitch in! Do not remain house-bound, play rebound! When it’s wet and windy you can win at Wembley! Inside your home, all floors, Hover Ball is all yours!

How Hover Ball Actually Works
Hover Ball looks like a soccer ball halve that’s likewise made of rubber. They state it uses “extremely slider innovation” although, they do not say it hovers. They claim you can kick it indoors across all kinds of flooring including various types of carpet. Because it’s flat on one slide and rubber, they state it is functional in small spaces like a living room, will move under tables or couches, and harmlessly bounce off baseboards. That’s all well and good, however exactly what they don’t tell you is Hover Ball’s dimensions. In the video it’s almost always zipping around, however if you look carefully, at 0:51, the mother is holding one in the palm of her hand.

A specifically designed shape allows it to move throughout most flooring surface areas, even on carpet. The indoor Hover soccer ball is built with soft materials that will not damage furnishings or walls. A textured top surface area offers a sure grip on contact and offers it a sensible look. Easily keep your kids active, even when it is drizzling or snowing outside, with an interesting video game inside.

– Unique soccer ball that drifts like magic
– Safe to play inside
– Will not scratch flooring surface areas
– Does not harm walls or furniture
– Usage for video games in the hallway or kitchen area
– Perfect for getting some active enjoyable when it is drizzling or snowing outdoors
– Significantly much safer option to traditional soccer balls
– Available colors: pink/white, green/blue/white and blue/white
– Color choices of the As Seen on TV ball may differ in shops and online

Do my Kids Deserve the Hover Ball?
Fact be told, the Hover Ball just “hovers” in its name. The fact that you have to sign away your rights prior to even trying the item and the lack of basic details about the business itself suggests to us you must “kick” your search for a soccer toy in another instructions, perhaps by looking into your regional shop.

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