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Spanish Chorizo

The Leon region of North West Spain is popular for producing a few of the world’s most valued treated meats. The cold, dry climate is best for drying hams, chorizos and the regional speciality ‘Cecina’, a cured, smoked and salted beef item. Award winning Spanish chorizo ‘Rodriguez’ is the best tasted anywhere – balanced flavour,

Bromelain and Papain

Bromelain and papain, enzymes originated from pineapple and papaya, respectively, aid digest food and provide various extra possible health advantages. Though some of their advantages are similar, scientific studies have actually revealed certain unique benefits and uses for these plant-based enzymes. Consult with your medical professional before using these or any supplements to treat a

Beef Cheeks Wikipedia

Beef cheeks are the cheek muscle of a bunny as you may expect. The cheek is functioning always through the creature’s lifestyle cud, so it’s tough, but all that connective tissue transforms to melt, meaty goodness if it’s braised or cooked slow and low. There is a fantastic chance you’ll need to order beef cheeks

Airheads White Mystery

The altering flavor of White Mystery is the reason why the makeup of the candy is a hotly debated subject. Each may be a mixture of flavors, or the person bar might be one readily identifiable taste, leading to suggestions that it is “white cherry” or “white apple” flavored. Nutritional information and ingredients supplied by