Cashflow 202

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Cashflow 202 is an expansion to Cashflow 101 that focuses on Technical Investing including a basic system for options and brief sales. The expansion pack is a new set of four decks of cards and brand-new player sheets to deal with the new investments possible. It is unplayable without Cashflow 101.

– Capital Gain Deal cards change the Small Deal deck
– Cash Flow Deals replace the Big Offer deck
– A new deck of more penalizing Doodad cards replaces the 101 Doodad cards
– 42 Market cards change the 101 Market deck
– Stock shorting envelopes for each gamer for the two significant stocks players can make brief sales in
(Regrettably with glue still on the envelope flaps that people will invariably lick and forget shut)
( 4 cassette tapes on investing)

Major Guideline Modifications
Market Deck is now reshuffled after drawing 25 cards, eliminating the warranty that all Market cards will be played.
Likewise, a new guideline exists that efforts to repair how the marketplace deck was under drawn with 2-4 gamers. Now landing in the Rat Race on either a Chance or Market area causes you to draw both a Deal card (your choice still big or little) and a Market card each time. In the Fast Track, landing on an organisation you currently own allows you to franchise it. Pay the deposit, add an extra token, and get the extra cashflow listed on the board once again.

Gamers not only start by filling out their sheet with a? profession? As previously, however likewise randomly draw a starting financial investment portfolio. The video game is absolutely more disorderly and not as idiot-proof as Cashflow 101, and financial investments can be totally cleaned out. The game teaches gambling theory and cash management.

Young players can play Cashflow for Kids; as quickly as they can work a calculator they can move up to playing Cashflow 101. Grownups discovering investing and the game should also begin by playing Cashflow 101. Once you’ve discovered your method around that game board and understand the objectives and benefits of investing in real estate you should attempt your abilities in Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 202.

This game includes higher-level tools and theories around earning money in the stock exchange. You find out about puts, calls, shorts and other methods that can assist you make passive income. Nevertheless, with suchplays come higher risks. What was predictable in the Cashflow 101 game no longer uses in the 202 version.

At the end of the day cashflow from the stock exchange is never guaranteed and stocks aren’t always going to increase! Real estate investing offers higher stability in giving you tested methods that put cashflow in your pocket every month. You just have to discover ways to do it and it’s not brain surgery.

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