Bio Ionic One Pass Flat Iron

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The Fastest Straightening Iron Ever. This is the expert’s # 1 option in irons. With patented silicone speed strips in the plates, it enables users to correct and design hair in half the time. Nanoionics minerals instilled into the elite pro styling collection emit negative ions that break down water clusters. These micronized water molecules penetrate hair for severe hydration providing it a silky, smooth feel. Far Infrared Energy For Silky Smooth Conditioned Hair. Founded by a hairstylist, Bio Ionic is the Professional’s option for styling tools. Advanced natural ionic innovation delivers speed and healthy, hydrated hair. Far infrared innovation permits fast styling without damage. BioCeramic heating systems preserve continuous heat. 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Functions:
– Silicone speed strips for faster straightening and increased shine
– Third silicon strip offers 3 x smoother hair
– Instantaneous heat, up to 400F & instant healing
– Nan-Ionic mineral fused to cushion plates
– High levels of negative ions & far infrared energy for silky smooth conditioned hair
– Bio ceramic 5 2nd heating systems
– Multi-level heat controller
– 10ft swivel cable

The Bio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron claims to have all of that involved one bundle. Onepass is in its name, so that needs to suggest something ideal?! It’s also probably telling that it sort of appear like it was produced speed with the sleek outside and a simple to grip deal with. It’s essentially a race vehicle for your hair.

This hair aligning iron has silicone on the plates that help it go smoothly through hair without capturing (like a lot of irons do). When you aren’t paying attention sounds downright wonderful to me, the idea of an iron that isn’t really painful to use or that won’t grab a bunch of hair.

The heat up time on this bad boy is quite remarkable, in fact it’s nearly instant. A few of the best irons I have actually had take a long period of time to heat up, so I’m constantly on the hunt for one that moves faster. I might cut an additional 5 minutes out of my early morning routine if my iron warmed up faster. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, if you combine the 5 minutes for heat time with the extra fifteen minutes to review and over my hair, I might be racking up an extra 20 minutes worth of sleep.

There are numerous heat levels on this product, and it increases to 400 degrees without a lot of waiting time. That being said, you might not require the 400 degree setting, so you might wish to opt for among the lesser ones so your hair is smoothed and not fried! Too much heat can be bad for a lot of hair types. When all else fails, go with less and raise it if you aren’t getting the result you desire (simply a little suggestion if you’re new to this type of hair item).

Among the coolest aspects of this straightener is it’s compact enough to be utilized for correcting the alignment of, curling, including body and more. It’s called a flat iron since that’s the primary purpose, however the heat levels in addition to the manoeuvrability of the body is enough to make it possible to do a lot more than that.

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