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The name Benrus is well known. When folks hear it they immediately think of watches. But, very little is known about the Benrus Watch Company. The company Oscar, Benjamin, and also. The brothers were immigrants. The name “BENRUS” was a combination of Benjamin Lazrus initial and last names. The Benrus Watch Company was founded in 1921 by three brothers. The watches were intended to be moderately priced for the man. Although the business was based in Manhattan they had been manufactured in Switzerland. Were unique and exaggerated . By the late 1960s quartz movement watches in general, and Timex watches, had taken over the watch market. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1977.

Benrus Watch Company has been an American company. It was a family company. Founded in nyc in 1921 by three brothers – Oscar (d.1990), Benjamin, and Ralph (d.1960). The rough brothers were immigrants. The title “BENRUS” was a combo of Benjamin Lazrus initial and last names.

The sole choice in watches was the pocketwatch because it’s invention in the centurey. But to pocketwatches jewelers and manufacturers were strong lugs from the early 1900’s opinion, adding straps, and sporting them on the wrist. A new sort of watch was born. The wristwatch gained fast to the point that by the early 1920’s worldwide pocketwatch manufacture and sales were on the decline, in popularity. It was that three young brothers saw a chance to begin a firm that made moderately priced watches for its common-man; BENRUS.

Production expanded throughout the 1940’s. Post-War, Benrus designers went to work fashioning beautiful and dazzling watches which expressed article war life. Supplies of top quality movements weren’t easily available, but were cheap for Benrus to purchase. This was a result of volume and a solid relationship with the cartel. Benrus even had a company supplying ebauche movements and components. The business was positioned perfectly, just as with cars and houses, America was ready to purchase a new watch.

The designs from Benrus were exaggerated and unique. Designs from this age, with lugs and bezels. The business created memorable watches such as the “Embraceable” – a one part watch that was slipped on like a necklace, and also the “Citation” which was named after a famous racehorse of this moment. The “Dial-o-Rama” which is possibly the most recognized of all of the leap hour guide read watch that’s highly collectible now. It was as we understand it a really enjoyable time for the Benrus Watch Company that played a large part in the stage. Watches from this stage are currently becoming very collectible today.

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