Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage

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Whenever you hear the word “massage”, you probably expect to yourself to be a passive participant. You lie under a blanket as the masseuse presses and kneads on your tight muscles. However, a Thai massage is a completely different experience. Of course, the masseuse will also knead your muscles, but you will also be stretched and twisted, and you will have to maintain asanas or yoga poses. Nevertheless, Thai yoga massage can give your various benefits. It can promote positive energy circulation, reduce pain and stress, and make you feel balanced and rejuvenated. Below, we will discuss the benefits of Thai yoga massage more thoroughly. So, continue reading!

Pain Relief
The first of the benefits of Thai yoga massage is that it is quite effective for temporary pain relief. It can be an alternative treatment for people with chronic pain. There are several researches that have shown that Thai yoga massage can reduce pain by 25% – 80% for up to 15 weeks following the Thai yoga massage protocol.

Thai yoga massage is particularly effective for an intervention treatment for people with scapulocostal syndrome, which is a painful condition which affects the back the shoulder blade. A study that was published in 2012 showed that people with scapulocostal syndrome who participated in nine 30-minute Thai yoga massage sessions over a period of three weeks experienced improvements in muscle tension, pain intensity, and pain threshold. The Thai yoga massage participants reported better results than the group that underwent regular physical therapy treatments.

Reducing Headaches
The next benefit is that it can reduce headaches. A specific massage called court-type Thai massage which applies pressure to specific meridians in the body is known to be an effective treatment for people who suffer chronic tension headaches. A study which was published in 2015 explains that the relief is attributed to the ways the massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, at the same time relaxing the sympathetic nervous system.

Enhanced Energy Flow
It is believed that tightened muscles can lead to diminished energy flow in the body. If the energy can’t flow freely, you will become inflexible, feel stiff, and suffer pain. Over time, this also leads to shortened connective tissue and muscles, which negatively affect the overall posture, organ function, and immunity, eventually speeding up aging and disability.

Thai yoga massage involves pressing techniques which are designed to enhance blood circulation and facilitate a better flow of nutrients and oxygen to your bodily parts. The enhanced blood circulation also helps the body to get rid of waste such as carbon dioxide and metabolic byproducts more efficiently. Stretching further relaxes the muscles, so that they can naturally regain their tone and flexibility. You will relieve chronic stiffness and feel improved mobility.

Stress Reduction
Many therapeutic massages are often prescribed as a treatment to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Thai yoga massage also offers the same benefits. Thai yoga massage is able to reduce enzymatic markers and decrease the overall stress level. Researchers have found that Thai yoga massage is slightly more effective than resting in reducing the psychological stress level.

Other Benefits
There are at least 10 other benefits of Thai yoga massage, which are:
• Enhances your physical prowess for yoga, pilates, and other physical modalities,
• Improves range of motion,
• Relieves pain caused by stress, arthritis, and overworked muscles,
• Lowers the blood pressure,
• Increases resistance to injury,
• Tones the internal organs,
• Removes lactic acid and other toxins from accumulation areas,
• Increases peaceful alertness,
• Enriches deep relaxation and emotional calming,
• Deepens the connection between the mind and the body.

Don’t forget that touch is a necessary part of our life, and it is also important for the physical and mental health. Thai yoga massage can also give this aspect to make you feel happier.

Thai yoga massage is indeed rich of benefits, but it may contradict for some conditions. People with cancer, pregnancy, and back injury should avoid Thai yoga massage. If you have any disease or health condition, you should consult with your doctor first whether Thai yoga massage is suitable or not.

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