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A watch is a vital accessory that can include substantial beauty to an ensemble, since it is readily available in sensational designs that are developed to suit numerous designs of dressing. Today, several brand names and styles of watches are available with numerous functions that make watches a necessary multifunctional device.

Akribos XXIV watches are budget-friendly, and they offer numerous features generally found only in high-end watches. Akribos watches typically feature automated motions, stainless-steel cases and artificial sapphire crystals. Primarily developed for fashion purposes, these watches are made for both ladies and guys. A number of the ladies’s watches made by Akribos are made with an art-deco look, and several of the guys’s watches can be found in brilliant colors.

The Americal watch business Akribos XXIV is come from theAkribos XXIV loaded with ancient legends and myths motherland of strong titans and powerful gods– Greece. Later as the manufacture established, the company relocated to not less stunning nation– Italy. These models designs combine these two ancient cultures. Akribos indicates exact and exact in Greek. The 24 Hr in a day exist by the Roman characters XXIV. Today the company is established in the United States with its head office in Brooklyn.

The company produces wrist watches, integrating the complex systems with bold, advanced styles and advance technology products to offer the exact and accurate 24 Hr of the day. The brand name applies widely the artificial sapphire Krysterna, as long lasting as the natural one, to protect its dials. The classy brand boxes with paperwork and service warranty for 2 years come with the designs.

The Akribos XXIV brand problems the complex chronographs, enjoys skeletons, sophisticated wrist watches with numerous incrusted diamonds. Such high-end collections as Bravura, Brillianaire, Conqueror, Grandiose, Impreccable, Woman Diamond, Premier, Ultimate, Essential and Explorer consist of the advanced designs, developed with making use of the Swiss mechanical and quartz movements with complete or partial skeleton dials. The complicated perfect guys enjoys Magnus III Double Retrograde are made in the initial futuristic style. The Japan quartz movement Miyota is used for the watch advancement.

The watch case of 44 mm size is made from the surgical stainless-steel with gilding. The dial is provided with artificial sapphire Akribos XXIVAkribos XXIVKrysterna. The rubber strap with riffled surface is equipped with elegant buckle. The vintage back case is embellished with the business logo inscription. The water resistance of this design reaches 100 meters.

The trendy design Gladiator with the case concaved within is put together based upon the self-winding movement with 20 jewels. The hands motion offers the motion winding. The case of 42 mm size is crafted in the surgical stainless-steel. The back case and skeleton dial are provided with the sapphire glass. The strap is made of soft rubber with riffled cover. The water resistance of the model is 30 meters.

The perfect mix of moderate rate, high quality and revolutionary design is a weighty reason to purchase the Akribos XXIV watches and become the owner of truly high-end and fantastic time signs. All words used to describe Akribos XXIV items still can’t begin to describe the beauty and attention to style our items so clearly screen. Staying ahead of the fashion curve is bread-and-butter, and our watches do it with breathtaking style and aplomb.

With expect both females and guys, Akribos XXIV styles run the range from timeless, sleek and sophisticated, to modern-day, advanced and downplayed; from colorful, enjoyable and sparkly, to fashionable and sporty. Akribos XXIV is a proven winner in the market season after season, and year after year. Akribos also recently partnered with Swarovski to develop a really spectacular line of expect women featuring the world prominent crystals.

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